Basic NNTP Protocol

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RFC977 4.1. Example 1 - relative access with NEXT

   S:      (listens at TCP port 119)

   C:      (requests connection on TCP port 119)
   S:      200 wombatvax news server ready - posting ok

   (client asks for a current newsgroup list)
   C:      LIST
   S:      215 list of newsgroups follows
   S:      net.wombats 00543 00501 y
   S:      net.unix-wizards 10125 10011 y
           (more information here)
   S:      net.idiots 00100 00001 n
   S:      .

   (client selects a newsgroup)
   C:      GROUP net.unix-wizards
   S:      211 104 10011 10125 net.unix-wizards group selected
           (there are 104 articles on file, from 10011 to 10125)

   (client selects an article to read)
   C:      STAT 10110
   S:      223 10110 <23445@sdcsvax.ARPA> article retrieved - statistics
           only (article 10110 selected, its message-id is

   (client examines the header)
   C:      HEAD
   S:      221 10110 <23445@sdcsvax.ARPA> article retrieved - head
           follows (text of the header appears here)
   S:      .

   (client wants to see the text body of the article)
   C:      BODY
   S:      222 10110 <23445@sdcsvax.ARPA> article retrieved - body
           follows (body text here)
   S:      .

   (client selects next article in group)

   C:      NEXT
   S:      223 10113 <21495@nudebch.uucp> article retrieved - statistics
           only (article 10113 was next in group)

   (client finishes session)
   C:      QUIT
   S:      205 goodbye.
[Source:"RFC977"] [Last Changed:February 1986]
[Copyright: 1986 Brian Kantor, Phil Lapsley]

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