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What other services and reports are available?

"Missing content report"
Available for a small "pay as you go" addition to your monthly subscription. The report lists articles which are present on other server(s) but are missing on your own in a single newsgroup. This information can be invaluable in determining the reason for poor performance. Send your request to newsrate@mibsoftware.com The cost is US$1 per report.

"Custom comparison"
It is possible to receive a report comparing any two servers which you can give permission to access. You can compare two internal servers to each other, or "feeder" to "reader" servers, etc. (See What other services and reports are available?)

Mib Software is developing additional news server comparison technology. You may wish to check back here or inquire newsrate@mibsoftware.com

Mib Software also offers INN support and consulting services on a low pay-as-you-go basis.

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