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What happens if there is a growing or shrinking backlog?

A "backlog" means that the articles are not being transferred as fast as they should be.

If the backlog is temporary, and you "catch up" before the sample, the numbers will be right on target.

If the backlog persists, articles which were not delivered will cause the numbers to be lower.

It is possible to be backlogged when the sample is taken, and then catch up afterwards. This will cause your numbers to be low on one day, and over 100% on the next day. The longer term (3 and 7 day) averages are still valid though, since what you don't get on one day, you should get the next.

Currently, the samples are run at approximately 12:45 GMT (about 7:45 EST) Most backlog conditions happen during times of peak Usenet traffic and peak reader hours during the day or late evening. By 7:00 AM you should definitely be totally "caught up", because the increase in the day's traffic is going to start.

Backlogs are not normal. Everyone has an occasional problem which generates a backlog. But chronic backlogs indicate some adjustment or upgrade is in order.

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