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INN 2.x Man Pages by Topic: DB Files/Active/History

active(5) Documents the file which holds the list of active news groups (and when they were created: active.times)
actsync(8) synchronize, compare, or merge active files
actsyncd(8) (new in INN 2.2) refer to actsync(8)
mod-active(8) (new in INN 2.2) batch processing of ctlinnd newgroup/rmgroup/changegroup
actived(8) (new) a daemon to handle nnrpd requests for active file information.
getlist(1) get various lists from NNTP server
simpleftp(1) (new in INN 2.2) rudimentary ftp client used in actsync

inncheck(8) check/verify configuration and database files
news-recovery(8) [obsolete. pointers to other man pages]
news.daily(8) perform once-per day maintenance

prunehistory(8) null out entries in history database
expire.ctl(5) control file for Usenet article expiration
history(5) record of current and recently expired usenet articles
grephistory(1) search history database for msg-ID, map Msg-ID to various fields.
overview.fmt(5) format of news overview databases

convdate(1) convert dates to/from time_t and canonical forms
parsedate(3) convert various date formats to time_t

makeactive(8) create active file from spool
makehistory(8) create history file from spool
newsrequeue(8) rewrite batch files after a system crash
inncheck(8) check/verify configuration and database files

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