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Outgoing Articles

- Outgoing message handling

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Related Categories

Basic Troubleshooting Skills - Where and how to look when there are problems

INN daemon - The main handler for articles and incoming connections

Internal files and Data - internally maintained data and processing. Overview, history, active, news.daily, et al.

Article Arrival - Incoming message processing

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Questions and Answers

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INN FAQ cant fopen /usr/lib/news/distrib.pats

INN FAQ cant fopen /usr/lib/news/distributions

INN FAQ syslog: ME cant nonblock 15 Operation not supported

INN FAQ syslog: cant read Connection reset by peer

INN FAQ Introduction to the "newsfeeds" file

INN FAQ Testing an outgoing feed (your "newsfeeds" configuration).


shrinkfile(1) truncate a file to a specified size at line boundaries

nntpsend(8) send usenet articles to remote site

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