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INN 2.x Man Pages: Library Subroutines

Pages which are new in INN 2.x are marked "new" (They are all convieniently listed together at INN 2.x Man Pages (New))

libstorage(3) (new) InterNetNews Storage API library routines

clientlib(3) Routines for creating news reading clients
inndcomm(3) ctlinnd features/functions from C library calls
libinn(3) Routines for manipulating articles, headers, active, file, etc.
parsedate(3) convert various date formats to time_t
qio(3) time efficient file I/O routines ("quick I/O")
strcasecmp(3) Case insensitive strcmp()
wildmat(3) shell style text/pattern matching
dbz(3) Database subroutines

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