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INN 2.x Man Pages by Topic: Outgoing news

startinnfeed(1) (new) setuid root program to start innfeed
innfeed(1) (new) multi-host, multi-connection, streaming NNTP feeder.
innfeed.conf(5) (new) configuration file for innfeed
mailpost(8) (new in INN 2.2) feed an email message to a newsgroup
news2mail(8) (new in INN 2.2) a channel script to gateway news into email

inews(1) Prepare article for distribution
distrib.pats(5) Default values for message Distribution header
newsfeeds(5) determine propagation of Usenet articles
nntpsend(8) send usenet articles to remote site
nntpsend.ctl(5) list of sites to feed via nntpsend
send-uucp(8) also send-nntp, send-ihave (new) send Usenet articles to remote site

batcher(8) article batching (outgoing news)
buffchan(8) buffered file writing backend (for exploder feeds)
cvtbatch(8) convert Usenet batch file to INN format (list of pathnames to INN batch file)
filechan(8) file-writing backend for INN
innxbatch(8) send xbatched Usenet articles to remote
innxmit(8) send Usenet articles to a remote NNTP server
newsrequeue(8) rewrite batch files after a system crash
moderators(5) mail addresses for moderated newsgroups
shrinkfile(1) truncate a file to a specified size at line boundaries

wildmat(3) shell style text/pattern matching

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6.21 INN FAQ Setting up proxy-nntp to talk through a firewall
6.8 INN FAQ How do I configure the /usr/lib/news/moderators file?
6.12 INN FAQ How do I set up a delayed IHAVE/SENDME over NNTP?
6.20 INN FAQ INN on one machine, UUCP modem on a different one
6.24 INN FAQ Use more than ~100 Feeds on SunOS 4.1 ?
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4.21 INN FAQ How do I use innfeed with INN ?

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