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INN 2.x Man Pages by Topic: Incoming news

incoming.conf(5) (new) names and addresses that feed us news (replaces hosts.nntp from 1.X)

rnews(1) receive news (from a connection other than NNTP)
crosspost(8) create links for cross posted articles
overchan(8) update news overview database
newsfeeds(5) determine propagation of Usenet articles (The ME entry)
nntpget(1) get Usenet articles from a remote NNTP server
controlchan(8) (new in INN 2.2) channel fed control message handler
mailpost(8) (new in INN 2.2) feed an email message to a newsgroup
news2mail(8) (new in INN 2.2) a channel script to gateway news into email
pullnews(8) (new in INN 2.2) a perl script for pulling news from one news machine and feeding it to another.

wildmat(3) shell style text/pattern matching

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Usenet RKT NNTP Protocol which also has links to (RFC977+extensions) and RFC1036: (Format of Usenet Messages)
6.21 INN FAQ Setting up proxy-nntp to talk through a firewall
6.25 INN FAQ Speed up NNTP Transfers ("Streaming NNTP")
6.13 INN FAQ I want compressed news, but do not have uucp
6.14 INN FAQ Can I use gzip with INN?
6.12 INN FAQ How do I set up a delayed IHAVE/SENDME over NNTP?
6.20 INN FAQ INN on one machine, UUCP modem on a different one
6.24 INN FAQ Use more than ~100 Feeds on SunOS 4.1 ?

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