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INN 1.5.1-README Some history:
	1.4sec was the last release produced by Rich Salz, the original
	author of INN. 1.4sec came out in the middle of 1993. After that
	Rich was unable to dedicate the time necessary to maintain it (and
	I now fully understand why). Dave Barr unofficially took over and
	produced 4 releases with a lot of help from the user
	community. Dave's 4 releases contained a lot of bug fixes and some
	functionality additions.

	Rich Salz, at the beginning of 1996, handed the source pool
	over to me as part of the agreement that the ISC would take over
	maintenance and development of future INN releases. Starting with
	Rich's post 1.4 source pool, I merged in the changes that had
	occured through the 4 'unoff' versions, and then added quite a few
	bug fixes, enhancements etc. 3 alpha and 2 beta versions later you
	have the result of all that work.

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