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INN 1.5.1-README InterNetNews -- the Internet meets Netnews
"Remember to tell your kids about the days when USENET was store and
 forward."  -- Jim Thompson, as part of a message that said he was getting
 under 200ms propagation, disk to disk.

InterNetNews is a complete Usenet system.  The cornerstone of the package
is innd, an NNTP server that multiplexes all I/O.  Think of it as an nntpd
merged with the B News inews, or as a C News relaynews that reads multiple
NNTP streams.  Newsreading is handled by a separate server, nnrpd, that is
spawned for each client.  Both innd and nnrpd have some slight variances
from the NNTP protocol; see the manpages.

The distribution is a compressed tar file. A new directory
and unpack the tar file in that directory.  For example:
	; mkdir inn
	; cd inn
	; ftp
	ftp> user anonymous <>
	ftp> type image
	ftp> get news/nntp/inn/inn.tar.Z inn.tar.Z
	ftp> quit
	; uncompress <inn.tar.Z | tar vxf -
	; rm inn.tar.Z

The installation instructions are in  This is an nroff/troff
document that uses the -ms macro package, and is about 30 typeset pages.
(If you have groff use "-mgs".) The distribution has this file split into
two pieces; you can join them by typing either of the following commmands:
	; make
	; cat >
You should probably print out a copy of config/config.dist when you print
out the installation manual.

Please read the COPYRIGHT.  This package has NO WARRANTY; use at your
own risk.

When updating from a previous release, you will usually want to do "make
update" from the top-level directory; this will only install the programs.
To update your scripts and config files, cd into the "site" directory and
do "make clean" -- this will remove any files that are unchanged from
the official release.  Then do "make diff >diff"; this will show you what
changes you will have to merge in.  Now merge in your changes (from
where the files are, ie. /usr/lib/news...) into the files in
$INN/site.  (You may find that due to the bug fixes and new features in
this release, you may not need to change any of the scripts, just the
configuration files).  Finally, doing "make install" will install

If you have a previous release you will probably also want to update the
pathnames, etc., in the new config file from your old config.  Here is one
way to do that:
	% cd config
	% make subst
	% cp config.dist
	% ./subst -f {OLDFILE}
where "{OLDFILE}" names your old file.

Configuration is done using subst.   Subst is in config/ and
doc/subst.1.  The history file is written using DBZ.  The DBZ sources and
manual page are in the dbz directory.  Unlike subst, DBZ is kept
separately, to make it easier to track the C News release.  The subst
script and DBZ data utilities are currently at the "Performance Release"
patch date.  Thanks to Henry Spencer and Geoff Collyer for permission to
use and redistribute subst, and to Jon Zeef for permission to use DBZ as
modified by Henry.

This version includes new support for TCL filtering of articles (to either
reject or accept them). This work is done by Bob Halley. See the file
README.tcl_hook for more details.

This version includes support for Geoff Collyer's news overview package,
known as nov.  Nov replaces the external databases used by nn, trn, etc.,
with a common text database.  INN support includes programs to build and
maintain the overview database, and an XOVER command added to nnrpd (the
news-reading daemon) that is becoming a common extension to fetch the
overview data from an NNTP connection.  Nnrpd uses the overview database
internally, if it exists, making certain commands (e.g., XHDR) much
faster.  The nov package includes a newsreader library that you will need,
and some utilities that you will not; it is available on in
the file src/news/nov.dist.tar.Z.  Prototypes of modified newsreaders are
in the in src/news/READER.dist.tar.Z -- most maintainers will be providing
official support very soon.  To make it explicit:  if you already have a
newsreader that can use the overview database, either via my NNTP xover
command, or by reading directly from NFS, then INN has all you need.

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