INN 1.7.2 Software Action Items

1.7.1 was released to correct defects in 1.7. (See INN 1.7 Software Action Items for a list.)
There was one feature change: the default use of innmail as a precaution against security holes in mailers. This feature change had some defects, and INN 1.7.2 was released several days after 1.7.1.

NOTE: There are probably additional latent (unknown) defects present which are not listed here.

Symptoms of defects (crashing, etc.) are taken seriously and often investigated. Although crashes are often due to memory and disk subsystems failures, as well as O/S and kernel defects, sometimes they are helpful in indicating problems and defects. Please report any such noticed symptoms to the Usenet newsgroup:

Usenet RKT subscribers receive e-mail notification of any newly discovered and reported defects. Find details on this service at:

See Also
Defect lists for INN versions 1.5.1 and later
For an overview comparison of 1.5.1, 1.5.1sec2, 1.5.2pre1, 1.6b3, and 1.5.1corr, see inn1.5.1corr/1.7

Enhancements/Feature Changes as compared to INN 1.7

Known Defects

Critical: sample-configs in 1.7.2 are defective.

Critical: INN corrupts the active file if ctlinnd rmgroup/ctlinnd newgroup when throttled.
See INN FAQ 6.3

Critical: INN can crash when processing ctlinnd feedinfo when a site is sleeping.

Critical: The CheckIncludedText() routines in frontends/inews.c and nnrpd/post.c
can walk past the end of the article buffer (sometimes resulting in a core

Critical: IP_OPTIONS/RCfixoptions code in INN 1.7 on Linux 2.0.28 causes feeder connect problems.

Defect: make depend: rule does not include dbz.c

Defect: Possible invalid compile if make clean is not run after changes.
Missing dbz.o dependency dbz.h

Defect: Possible invalid compile if make clean is not run after changes.
Missing dependencies for inndstart.o

Defect: make depend: rule does not include decode.c encode.c getlist innconfval

Defect: make depend: rule does not include inndstart.c

Defect: Posting to moderated newsgroup through inews leaves temp file.

Defect: pstat() (for setproctitle) called incorrectly on HPUX systems.

Defect: inews imposes an undocumented limit on header lines. (Approximately 50)
and inaccurately reports exceeding the limit.

Defect: .pl scripts fail when newsmaster e-mail address contains a '@'

Defect: In the overchan backlog patch, INN doesn't reset channel error counts after a successful write. This can lead to premature shutdown of slow, backlogged channels.

Defect: INN can't receive multiple XBATCH batches on the same connection.

Defect: backends/batcher.c can enter an infinite loop if a signal is received during a
read loop.

Defect: nnrpd does not check permissions when listing newsgroups with the XGTITLE command

Defect: nnrpd does not always check permissions when listing newsgroups with the LIST ACTIVE command

Defect: nnrpd does not check IP address when checking USER/PASS combinations.

Defect: Compile time. Ownership of man pages is not set to news when run make install as root. This can prevent later updates.

Annoyance: fastrm.c Formating of Error message if unlink fails in fastrm

Annoyance: actsync does not report group names correctly when ctlinnd fails.
(Can leave out a space.)

Annoyance: Compile time. getrusage() is available but not declared in header files on Solaris < v2.6

Maintenance: innd connection can hang if the ARTICLE command code is used. (Normally this is disabled at compile time.)

Maintenance: ARTmakeoverview does not initialize the .Size member of a BUFFER. This is a benign bug: it could never cause invalid operation, but does violate BUFFER handling assumptions.

Maintenance: Dummy function for fchmod() in buffchan should return 0.

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