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A number of anti-spam patches to INN, Cyclone, and Typhoon, and other news servers are listed at
There you can find information on Spam-Hippo, Gizmo, Cleanfeed, and others.
See also: spammer.posting.patch at INN Patches by Topic: Readers
For a description of Usenet Spam, see the Usenet RKT topic for users: Spam

xrefslave.diff (At
and for 1.5.1 at
This modifies innd's handling of slave mode and Xref headers. With this patch you can eliminate the need for XREPLIC, and simply feed with normal transport agents. The only tricks to this is that you have to start innd on the slave with the -S and -b options (-b tells it to get replicate info from Xref) and start innd on the master with the -x parameter to force it to generate Xref headers for every article.

super.rnews.diff (At
This is useful with Bill Well's spooling nnrpd patch. It changes it to not attempt to connect to the server unless there are actually messages to transfer, and to exit if it it waits for more than 5 minutes for a response from the server. We use this locally for submitting articles to the master server once a minute in crontab.

his.lookup.cache.diff (At
"This adds a relatively large history lookup cache into the HIShavearticle function. It caches both positive and negative responses. The cache size is by default 64k message-id's, organized in a hash table. Hash table collisions are handled by just replacing the entry. This is a relatively naive implementation, but I've been getting over 80% hit rates with it with 150-200 incoming connections. Several people have reported that this makes a lot of difference in cpu utilization."

This patch has a memory leak, described by Gary Palmer 1997/06/30 Memory leak in Clayton O'neill's HIScache patches

innd.postcount.fix.diff (At
"This fixes a problem in how innd handles aliased groups with crossposts.....Profiling here indicates that this was eating about 20-30% of the time innd uses. This patch changes the behavior to only clear the flag in the groups that we actually marked, after we've done the check."

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Defect lists for INN versions 1.5.1 and later
For an overview comparison of 1.5.1, 1.5.1sec2, 1.5.2pre1, 1.6b3, and 1.5.1corr, see inn1.5.1corr/1.7

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