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actived.tgz (At Joe Greco's INN Patch Shop)
(For INN1.4unoff4 but will work directly on INN 1.5.1 without changes. Andrew Smith at "cleaned" it up, with the support of Joe, to make it more portable to other O/S's.
"is IMHO the most cool hack I've done. It's a replacement for all the sharedactive/mmap-active stuff that approaches the problem from a different angle: it uses an active file _server_ process. It has many benefits, including allowing incredibly high numbers of nnrpd session spawnoffs without a significant CPU impact. It also stops ps/top/etc from lying about memory consumption, one of my various sharedactive gripes... and unlike sharedactive, it _can_ _not_ hang all your nnrpd processes if the sharing strategy develops a problem."
"For people running inn1.5, here is a patch to nnrpd that maps the active file SHARED+RO. This
is different from the shared-memory-active file patch. This patch uses mmap() and takes a
different approach. For news machines with large (900K+) active files, this patch will cut the
nnrpd memory usage in half."(At Utilities by Matt Dillon)

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Defect lists for INN versions 1.5.1 and later
For an overview comparison of 1.5.1, 1.5.1sec2, 1.5.2pre1, 1.6b3, and 1.5.1corr, see inn1.5.1corr/1.7

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