INN Patches

INN Patches last updated 11/5/1997.

Patches which are incorporated here:

There are two kinds of patches in the listings here - defect fixes and feature additions. Defect patches are listed at least twice: in the defect categories and also in the listings by category.

INN Defect Patches by release
INN 1.6b3 Software Action Items Defects still present in the "stock" release of INN 1.6b3
INN 1.5.1sec2 Software Action Items Defects still present in the "stock" release of INN 1.5.1sec2
INN 1.5.1 Software Action Items (defects and what changed to get sec2 and 1.6b3)
INN 1.5.1corr Software Action Items
INN 1.7 Software Action Items
INN 1.7.1 Software Action Items
INN 1.7.2 Software Action Items
INN 1.5.2pre1 Software Action Items

INN Defect Patches
INN Patches: Security (Defects which open security holes.)
INN Patches: Bug Fix (Nuisance, other defects)

INN Patches by Category
INN Patches: Performance (also resource usage improvements)
INN Patches by Topic: INND
INN Patches by Topic: Readers
INN Patches by Topic: Active File
INN Patches by Topic: Articles/Spool
INN Patches by Topic: Expire
INN Patches by Topic: Data Files/History
INN Patches by Topic: Logs
INN Patches by Topic: Incoming news
INN Patches by Topic: Outgoing news
INN Patches by Topic: Control messages

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Mib Software provides support for INN users, including the installation of patches and creation of custom patches. See Getting Support for INN

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