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5.  Removing the Other Stuff

     The names below assume a "standard" news setup; things  might  be
different on your machine.  Also, many programs have alternate names and
links; make sure you chase down and remove all of them.

     You might  find  it  easiest  to  rename  your  /usr/lib/news  (and
/usr/lib/newsbin)  directories  to something else and start with a clean
slate, copying over the files as they are needed.  Make sure  that  your
news  processing  is  completely  stopped before you begin this process.
That includes any cron jobs that may be running.

     The /usr/lib/news directory can become cluttered --  that's  why  C
News split everything up into separate directories.  The following files
are compatible with C News and B2.11 News, and should be kept:

     active            active.times

If you are running C News keep these files, otherwise  delete  them  and
use makehistory to rebuild them:


     Rn does not have to be modified so leave this directory  alone  (or
copy it back if you moved your original):


If you set up rn to use the INN library, remove this file:


     The input system is  completely  replaced.   Remove  the  following
programs and their manpages:

     /bin/inews, /usr/lib/news/inews, etc...
     /bin/rnews, /usr/bin/rnews, etc...
     /etc/nntpd, /usr/etc/nntpd, etc...

Also remove the following directories and everything within them:

     /usr/lib/news/nntp (mkgrdates, nntp_access, shlock, etc)

     The transmission facility is completely  replaced.   You  may  keep
your  current  feed  subsystem  if you want to, but it will require some
changes to make sure that batchfiles are properly flushed; see the send-
xxx scripts for examples.  Remove these files and programs:


Remove the following directory and everything within it:


You can continue to use nntplink, newsxd, and the like, subject  to  the
caveat just mentioned.

     Article expiration and maintenance of the history and active  files
is completely replaced.  Remove this file:


Remove the following directories and everything within them:


If you do not remove  the  expire  directory,  you  will  probably  have
problems  installing INN's expire, which is a program that often has the
same name as the C News directory.

     The following programs in /usr/lib/newsbin are not needed  and  can
be  deleted.   Keeping  them  around  is  harmless, and if you find them
useful don't delete them:

     canonhdr          newshostname
     ctime             newslock
     dbz               queuelen
     getabsdate        sizeof
     getdate           spacefor

Note that ctime, getabsdate, and getdate are replaced by convdate.  More
importantly, newslock does not lock innd; it is best to remove it.

     The following files are replaced by INN configuration  files.   You
should delete them, just to avoid confusion:

     mailname          sys
     mailpaths         whoami

If you have other software that uses them (except  sys),  you  can  keep
them.   The  following  will  be  rebuilt  (or  overwritten) by innd and
scanlogs so you should remove them:

     errlog            log

     In addition to the manpages for  the  programs  listed  above,  the
following manual pages should be removed:

     active.times.5    newsmail.8
     expire.8          newsmaint.8
     mkgrdates.8c      nntpd.8c
     news.5            nntpxmit.1

     Any other files and directories can probably also be discarded.

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