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4.  Remote rn

     The "remote" version of rn  (also  called  rrn)  uses  a  set  of
routines  in  the  NNTP  "clientlib"  file.   INN  can  emulate  these
routines; see doc/clientlib.3.  If you  need  to  build  rn  for  client
machines  that don't have the entire INN distribution available, use the
MakeLib script to  build  a  distribution  directory  of  the  necessary
routines.  Use this script the same way you use the MakeInews script.

     Rn, rrn, and trn are moving targets so these  instructions  may  be
out  of  date.   The  maintainers have agreed to officially support INN,
however, which is a good thing.

     There are two ways to build rn so that it uses the INN library.  If
you  don't have the NNTP distribution installed you will have to use the
first way.

     The first way is to apply a patch to the latest rn Configure script
and  then  execute  it  and  rebuild  the program.  To do this, type the

     cd rn_source
     patch <$inn/frontends/rn.pch

At  some  point,  Configure  will  ask  you  if  you  want  to  use  the
InterNetNews  library;  answer  yes.   You  can then use either the full
sources, or a special library that contains just the needed  header  and
sources  files.   Tell  Configure  the  appropriate  pathnames, and then
proceed with the rest of the rn installation.

     The second way is to edit a couple of  files  after  you  have  run
Configure  and  set it up to build the remote rn.  First, replace the rn
file server.h with the INN file include/myserver.h.  The next step is to
edit  the  rn  Makefile to remove the "clientlib" file from the source
and object file lists.  This can probably be done by commenting out  the
definitions  of  the  c5  and  obj5  variables.   You must also edit the
Makefile to add the INN library to the list of libraries that are linked
in.  This can probably be done by editing the line that defines the libs
variable so that the full pathname to libinn.a is the first  item  after
the equal sign.

[Source:"Installing InterNetNews 1.5.1"][][Revision: 1.19 1996/11/10]
[Copyright: 1991 Rich Salz, 1996 Internet Software Consortium]
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