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3.  NNTP-based newsreaders

     If you already  have  your  NNTP-using  newsreaders  installed  and
running, you do not have to do anything.  This includes xvnews, xrn, rrn
and so on.   INN  implements  the  standard  NNTP  protocol,  with  some
extensions.   INN  does  not  provide the extensions used by trn, tin or
other newsreaders.  INN will not implement all  the  different  indexing
systems  because  the right solution is to have a generic interface that
all readers can use.)

     For administrative convenience, however, you might wish to have all
your  newsreaders use the INN library and configuration files to talk to
the server.  The next section describes how to do that for  rn.   It  is
provided  as  an  example,  to help you convert other programs you might
have.  INN does not provide, nor fully support, any newsreaders.

[Source:"Installing InterNetNews 1.5.1"][][Revision: 1.19 1996/11/10]
[Copyright: 1991 Rich Salz, 1996 Internet Software Consortium]
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