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1.  C News Expire

     The expire program that is distributed with INN  does  not  do  any
archiving.   Since the history databases currently have the same format,
it is possible to use the C News  expire  if  you  want  to.   (The  INN
history  database may change, however, so you should only do this if you
really have to -- you really should use INN's expire.)  There are  three
ways to do this.

     The first way is to change your doexpire script so  that  it  calls
ctlinnd  to  "throttle"  innd just before expire runs.  It should then
issue a ctlinnd "go" command after expire is done.   The  drawback  to
this method is that no incoming news is accepted until all expiration is

     The second way is to compile lib/lock.c and add it to your  C  News
library  libcnews.a,  replacing the provided lock functions.  You should
then remove expire and relink it.  This method has not been tested  very
thoroughly, but it is rather simple.

     The third way is to teach the C News expire to  talk  to  innd  and
tell  it to cancel articles that it would remove.  To do this, apply the
patch file expire/expire.pch to your C News expire.c sources.  You  will
also have to add lib/inndcomm.o to libcnews.a and then rebuild expire.

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[Copyright: 1991 Rich Salz, 1996 Internet Software Consortium]
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