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4.  Locking

     A running news system has many open  files.   These  files  can  be
divided  into two groups.  The first group includes the history database
and active file.  The second group includes the logfiles and batch files
used to send articles to your feeds.

     B news uses an internal protocol for  the  first  group.   For  the
second  group,  since  inews  does  "atomic  appends,"  no  locking is
necessary.  C news uses the locknews and newslock scripts for the  first
group, and provides no fine-grain mechanism for the second group.

     With INN, the server is running all the time  and  all  locking  is
done  under  the  direction  of  ctlinnd.   The first group is generally
handled by  using  the  "throttle,"  "pause,"  and  "go"  commands
(sometimes  "reload"  will be necessary).  The second group is handled
by the "flushlogs" and  "flush"  commands.   See  the  doc/ctlinnd.8
manpage;  examples  of  their use can be found in various scripts in the
samples directory.

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