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3.  Control Messages

     Like C News, INN implements all control messages other than  cancel
as  shell  scripts.  The number and type of parameters is different from
that of C News.  All  control  messages  consult  the  file  control.ctl
before  acting on the message.  If the sender's address matches with the
list of authorized addresses (e.g., "", "*", etc.),
the   control   message  is  either  acted  upon,  mailed  to  the  news
administrator,    or    logged.     For    example,    messages     from
"" (the current moderator of news.announce.newgroups)
are honored.

     The "control", "junk", and "to" newsgroups can be  explicitly
sent or not sent.  See doc/newsfeeds.5 and doc/innd.8.

     The ctlinnd program is what really directs the server to create  or
remove  newsgroups.   This  results  in  a  semi-recursive process:  the
control message arrives, and a script is invoked to process the message.
If  approved,  the  script invokes ctlinnd to send a message back to the
server telling it to create or remove the group.

[Source:"Installing InterNetNews 1.5.1"][][Revision: 1.19 1996/11/10]
[Copyright: 1991 Rich Salz, 1996 Internet Software Consortium]
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