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2.  Newsgroups, Active, Sys, and Newsfeeds

     The biggest difference is how the newsfeeds file compares with  the
sys  file.  Newsgroup patterns like "all.all.ctl" are completely gone.
All newsgroup patterns are shell-style wildcards,  matched  against  the
active file.

     The active file is taken to be the definitive  list  of  newsgroups
that  you want to receive.  With B and C news, an article must match the
subscription list of the local site as specified in the sys file.  If it
matches,  each  newsgroup is then looked up in the active file.  If none
of the newsgroups  are  found,  then  the  article  is  filed  into  the
newsgroup named "junk".

     INN's behavior is much simpler.  If a newsgroup does not appear  in
the  active  file,  it is ignored.  If none of the groups are mentioned,
then the article is rejected:  nothing is written to disk.   This  is  a
deliberate  design  decision:  if you do not want a particular newsgroup
to take up your disk space, remove it from  the  active  file;  if  your
neighbors  have  not  gotten  around to updating your newsfeed, then the
only thing that will happen is that some  network  bandwidth  will  have
been wasted when they send you the article.

     You can change INN's  behavior  so  that  it  resembles  the  other
systems.   To do this, compile with WANT_TRASH set to "DO."  Note that
this will accept everything.  Because there is no subscription list, you
cannot say "give me all of the foo hierarchy (filed into junk), but not
the alt hierarchy."  You must list the group in the active file.

     INN strictly believes in distributions.  If the site named  ME  has
any   distributions,   then   incoming  articles  must  either  have  no
Distribution header, or the header must match the distribution list.  If
you  want to blindly accept all distributions, make sure you do not have
a "/distrib,..." section in your ME entry.   Distributions  are  fixed
strings -- there are no patterns or special wildcards like "all."

     For more details on these items, see doc/newsfeeds.5.

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