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Known Problems: SCO
     I have been told that  some  older  versions  of  the  SCO  opendir
routine  have  file  descriptor  leaks.   The most noticeable symptom is
probably that innd will die while trying to renumber  the  active  file.
You  might  want to use a freely-redistributable "dirent" package such
as one distributed by the Free Software  Foundation.   You  should  also
make  sure to set CLX_STYLE to "FCNTL" Finally, you might also want to
edit innd/innd.c where it calculates the  "MaxOutgoing"  parmater  and
increase the fudge number to four.

[Source:"Installing InterNetNews 1.5.1"][][Revision: 1.19 1996/11/10]
[Copyright: 1991 Rich Salz, 1996 Internet Software Consortium]
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