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INN FAQ Part 6

NOTE: The maintainers of the INN FAQ stopped publishing in December 1997.
An important update to this topic is provided by Mib Software in the Usenet RKT for Subscribers.

Subject: (6.14) Can I use gzip with INN?

[this was written with the help of Michael Brouwer

There are three things that can be effected by using gzip: Compression
of old logs, compressing batches to send out, and decompressing batches
that come in.

With INN 1.4 all you need to do is change two lines in config.data to
something like this:

COMPRESS                /usr/local/bin/gzip
DOTZ                    .gz

If you rebuild INN with these options set, all logs will be gzipped, and rnews
will use gzip to decompress news.

gzip will automaticly and transparently decompress UNIX Compress, SCO
UNIX Compress (I'm told it's 99% compatible with UNIX Compress), Pack,
and gzip. Therefore, you can now receive batches compressed with any
of the above listed formats. Let's say your site is now has "a
universal decompresser".

It has been reported that if you hardlink gzip to be zcat, and make
sure that it is the zcat that INN uses, you can get the "universal
decompresser" without having to use gzip for your logs. (Though, gzip
for your logs is a big win, so why make trouble for yourself?)

`send-uucp' will still use compress for outgoing batches, so the sites
you feed won't suddenly start getting data they don't understand.

Before you can send gzipped batches, you should make sure that the
sites that you feed have made the above changes so that they have the
"universal decompresser" too.

Edit send-uucp to use gzip instead of compress for certain hosts (see
example of using compress -b12 for the host esca in send-uucp),
outgoing batches will be gzipped.

If you use sendbatch, you will have to edit the file so that COMPRESS
is set to "gzip" and COMPFLAGS is set to "-9vc".


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