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INN FAQ Part 2

NOTE: The maintainers of the INN FAQ stopped publishing in December 1997.
An important update to this topic is provided by Mib Software in the Usenet RKT for Subscribers.

Subject: (2.5) Ultrix tips

Tip #1: Ultrix has a "mmap()" function, but it doesn't do the same
thing as the SunOS/BSD mmap() function. Therefore, do not configure
INN to use mmap() on a Ultrix system. INN wants to find a mmap()
function that is like the one on SunOS/BSD systems.

Tip #2: The sendsys script breaks Ultrix 'nawk'. You can make
a 1-line change or you can switch to 'awk' or "gawk".
Original line:
        ${AWK} "/^$1"'[/:\\]/,/[^\\]$/' ${NEWSFEEDS} >${TEMP}
Modified line:
        ${AWK} "/^$1"'[\/:\\]/,/[^\\]$/' ${NEWSFEEDS} >${TEMP}
The original line will work with awk, gawk, but not nawk.
The modified line will work with awk, gawk, or nawk.
If you have gawk running on your machine use it. Otherwise, switch to

Tip #3: The syslog on Ultrix sucks rotten eggs and Digital refuses to
fix it. (source: everyone that uses Ultrix and has ever used other
systems) Luckily, you can replace it with the routine that comes with
INN. However, some people have had better luck installing the syslog
that can be found on
"gatekeeper.dec.com:/pub/DEC/jtkohl-syslog-complete.tar.Z". It still
works with old clients but does new-style syslogging, too. Works great
for me so far. (this information from: nelson@reed.edu (Nelson
Minar)). The syslog that is shipped with INN works pretty well but
there have been some claims that some old clients don't like it.


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