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INN FAQ Part 2

NOTE: The maintainers of the INN FAQ stopped publishing in December 1997.
An important update to this topic is provided by Mib Software in the Usenet RKT for Subscribers.

Subject: (2.3) AIX tips

Q: Is there a config.data for AIX 4.1 ?

A: In <http://www.news.inet.tele.dk/config.data> you will find one for
AIX 4.1.4 and INN1.5.1. If you want to use this with older INN versions,
then you have to remove some lines from it. Note that it might be that
in the sample CLX_STYLE is set to IOCTL. You might change this to
FCNTL as described below (#2.13) if you get many overchan processes.

Q: In config.data, should ACT_STYLE be set to READ or MMAP?

A: Gee, some say MMAP works, some say it doesn't. I recommend you use
READ. After you've been running for a month, try MMAP for a day and
see what happens.

Kurt Jaeger <Kurt.Jaeger@RUS.Uni-Stuttgart.DE> adds:

On 3.2.5, MMAP works if one makes some patch to the innd so
that it allocates one byte more than filelength(active) or
filelength(history [or whatever is mapped by innd]).

Reason: If filelength(active/whatever file) on AIX is
a multiple of page size (4096 bytes), searching for
a trailing NUL byte in a MMAPed file will kill the process
with SEGV or the AIX equivalent.

Q: What compiler should I use?

A: Most people use what's listed in Install.ms, though we have
one report of a AIX 3.2.5 user that found bsdcc worked better.

Q: When I run news.daily, there's always a few lines of error
messages at the end of the output:

|       compress: bad file number

A: AIX /usr/bin/compress has a bug when compressing files with zero
length. Then it spits out this error. Solution: Ignore it or use a
different compress program and change config.data accordingly.
(from Kurt Jaeger <pi@rus.uni-stuttgart.de>)

Q: innwatch doesn't work well from /etc/inittab, does it?

A: Nope. Instead, you can create a "subsystem" with this command:

mkssys -s innwatch -p /usr/local/news/bin/innwatch \
        -u `id -u news` -G news -S -n 15 -f 9
Note that your path to innwatch may differ, depending on where you
decided to install the inn components. You also need to enter the
command as one long line.

This will create a subsystem named "innwatch" belonging to an SRC group
named "news". The "-S" means that it uses signals for SRC to tell it
when to stop and the "-n" is the SIGTERM signal, for normal shutdown,
and the "-f" is the SIGKILL signal, which is sent if the process does
not stop within 20 seconds. Then, modify rc.news to issue the command

    startsrc -s innwatch

to get innwatch going. That's it!

Shane Castle <swcxt@boco.co.gov, swcxt@csn.org>

Q: When I compile I get something like:
        0706-317 ERROR: Unresolved or undefined symbols detected:
                Symbols in error (followed by references) are
                dumped to the load map.
                The -bloadmap:<filename> option will create a load map.
        cd frontends ; make  all ; cd ..
        Target all is up to date.
A: That means you don't have a program called "patch" installed on
your machine. Refer to "Subject: ld.so: Undefined symbol: _dbzwritethrough"

Q: What can I change in innwatch.ctl to make it work right?

A: The "df" command in AIX has a funny output that requires you to
modify innwatch.ctl. The FTP site has an install.ctl that uses "df -i"
(some AIX versions) and another one that uses "df -v" (recommended by
someone with AIX 3.2.5).

Q: Can I use a compressed filesystem?

A: (From Kurt Jaeger):

On AIX 4.1.x, use compressed filesystems with 512 bytes per fragment and
2048 bytes per inode. This is the best space optimazation I could find up
to now. News is I/O bound, so doing some more compression to save on head
seeks and reads will better balance your system. I currently have a
100/60% yield: If the disk would be 100% full, 60% of the inodes would be used.


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