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INN FAQ Part 2

NOTE: The maintainers of the INN FAQ stopped publishing in December 1997.
An important update to this topic is provided by Mib Software in the Usenet RKT for Subscribers.

Subject: (2.2) GNUS tips

In article <3g82ll$mr4@tid.tid.es> Emilio Losantos <emilio@tid.es> writes:

> I have to use GNUS 4.1 to read news from a nntp server running INN 1.4, but
> whenever I try to select a group I receive the message:

>  "GROUP" not implemented; try "help"

> Could anybody tell me how to fix this problem?

jbryans@csulb.edu (Jack Bryans) replies:

Patch your nntp.el something like this:

*** 72,77 ****
--- 72,79 ----
    (set-process-sentinel nntp/connection 'nntp/sentinel)
    (process-kill-without-query nntp/connection)
    (let ( (code (nntp/response)) )
+     (nntp/command "mode reader")
+     (nntp/response)
      (or (eq code 200) (eq code 201))))
  (defun nntp-server-opened ()

Note that your line numbers may vary. There's a lot of nntp.el's out there.


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