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Subject: (1.11) Can I run the reference implementation (NNTP1.5) with INN?

The quick answer is no. INN listens on the NNTP port and handles all
incoming traffic. It receives articles, files them, and arranges for
them to be forwarded to your peers. If a site connects that is not
listed as a peer (e.g., a local workstation that does newsreading) then
the INN server hands the connection off to another program that handles
just the NNTP commands that newsreaders use. By default, this is nnrpd
(notice the "r"), which implements the NNTP protocol for newsreaders
(for example, it includes the POST command but not the IHAVE command).
You can run the reference implementation server instead of nnrpd if you
want. Doing this can be useful if you have clients that want to do
both reading and article transfer.


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The important point is that there can be only one program which keeps the spool, active file, and history file synchronized. See INN FAQ Can I run C News with INN?

You can convince INN to bind to a different port. And nnrpd can be started from inetd.
(See alternatives to how nnrpd starts)

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