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NOTE: The maintainers of the INN FAQ stopped publishing in December 1997.
An important update to this topic is provided by Mib Software in the Usenet RKT for Subscribers.

A lot of the information here is pretty dated. See the update
Subject: (1.6) Where may I find additional information?

The Usenix paper from Rich $alz:

The Web site of the new maintainers, the Internet Software Consortium

A good overview for those not familiar with news (from Tom Podnar 

A FAQ in french - maintained by Fabien Tassin <tassin@eerie.fr>
        at http://www.eerie.fr/~news/faq.html

A Usenet/INN hypertext documentation effort by Forrest J. Cavalier III 
        at http://www.mibsoftware.com/userkt/userkt.html

Toshio Hori <toshi@etl.go.jp> started to translate the FAQ to Japanese
        at ftp://etlport.etl.go.jp/pub/toshi/INN/J/ (Partly finished ;)

Jeff Garzik <jeff.garzik@spinne.com> started to write a ``INN tuning
        page'' which is oriented towards the Intel/Linux platform (but not
        only of interest for Linux users) at

RFC's important to News:
        RFC 977: NNTP (Phil Lapsley and Brian Kantor)
        RFC 1036: Standard for Interchange of USENET Messages 
                (M.Horton, Rick Adams)

The O'Reilly Book (only for C News ; new version is in work)
        Managing UUCP and Usenet (Tim O'Reilly and Grace Todino)
    This book seems to be no longer in print, so O'Reilly probably 
        has no book about Usenet at the moment.

The newsgroup news.software.nntp; please look around in this group. Often
        you'll find there the answer to the question you were going to ask. 
        But don't hesitate to ask.
        If you can't post to news.software.nntp you can send mail to
        inn-questions@pilhuhn.de which will post the your mail in that group.

Dave Barr has put together some information about his unoff releases. 
        This page is also a entry for the patch archive:

The overview database with its XOVER nntp extension is described in 
This is superseded by 
    draft-barber-nntp-imp-02.txt  on the same site.
and will be superseded by version 3 soon, which you also might get from
    (This one is now at the 4th update)

There is a book from Addison-Wesley called 'Administering Usenet News
Servers' by Jim McDermott and John Phillips (ISBN 0-201-41967-X)
which seems to cover INN and Dnews. This is not clear from the aw web
site though.

There is no special book on INN out at the moment, but it is said,
that Dave Lawrence and Henry Spencer are currently writing one for


[Source: INN FAQ Part 1 Archive-name: usenet/software/inn-faq/part1]
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[Copyright: 1997 Heiko Rupp, portions by Tom Limoncelli, Rich Salz, et al.]