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Subject: (1.2) I thought Rich Salz maintains INN ...

Rich did for a very long time ..

From an announcement (<4k5pn3$ii9@paperboy.osf.org>) :

| I am pleased to announce that the Internet Software Consortium
| (http://www.isc.org/isc) will be responsible for future official INN
| releases, starting with INN1.5.  I am sure they will be posting a notice
| about their plans here fairly soon.

| The interest and support (both financial and emotional) they have given
| me over the past few years has been immeasurable.  It was this interest,
| as much as their ability to commit top-flight engineering talent, that
| makes me feel confident that I'm leaving "my baby" in good hands.

| I will still be involved with INN development, although more in an archi-
| tectural and philosophical role (i.e., "do it this way") rather than
| programming (i.e., "here's the code").

| If you've found INN useful, I'm glad.  (By my count several thousand people
| still owe me a postcard. :)  If you expect to find it useful in the future,
| please support the ISC and their efforts.  I know I will.
|         /rich $alz

For the postcards, Rich adds in (<565e4r$5v2@paperboy.osf.org>):

| No no no.  James gets the postcard.  This means you have to track down
| his current physical address; perhaps in-care-of the ISC would work. :)
| The rules are actually pretty complicated:
|         If you're installing 1.4sec2 or earlier, send yourself a postcard
|         saying you should upgrade.
|         If you're installing 1.5 or later, for the first time with INN,
|         send James the postcard.

|         If you're upgrading from 1.4 to 1.5, pro-rate your news volume
|         and send us each the appropriate fraction. :)

Dave Barr added that the postcards for him also should be sent to the


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