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Subject: (1.1) What is INN?

For a complete answer, why not read the Usenix paper that introduced
INN to the world? It's available as

InterNetNews is a complete Usenet system. The cornerstone of the package
is innd, an NNTP server that multiplexes all I/O. Think of it as an nntpd
merged with the B News inews, or as a C News relaynews that reads multiple
NNTP streams. Newsreading is handled by a separate server, nnrpd, that is
spawned for each client. Both innd and nnrpd have some slight variances
from the NNTP protocol (although in normal use you will never notice); see
the manpages. INN separates hosts that feed you news from those that have
users reading news. If you need to support a mixed environment you will have
to do some extra work; the installation manual gives some hints.


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