passwd.nntp - passwords for connecting to remote NNTP servers

     The file <config$_PATH_NNTPPASS> contains host-name-password triplets for
     use  when  authenticating  client programs to NNTP servers.  This file is
     normally interpreted by the NNTPsendpassword routine in libinn(3) .  Blank
     lines  and  lines  beginning with a number sign (``#'') are ignored.  All
     other lines should consist of three or four fields separated by colons:

     The first field is the name  of  a  host,  and  is  matched  in  a  case-
     insensitive  manner.  The second field is a user name, and the third is a
     password.  The optional fourth field specifies the type of authentication
     to  use.   The default is ``authinfo'' which means that NNTP ``authinfo''
     commands are used to authenticate to the  remote  host.   If  either  the
     username  or  password  are  empty,  then the related command will not be
     sent.  (The ``authinfo'' command is a common extension to RFC 977.)

     For example:
          ##  UUNET needs a password, MIT doesn't.

     This file should not be world-readable.

     Written by Rich $alz  <>  for  InterNetNews.   This  is
     revision 1.14, dated 1996/09/06.

     innd(8) , libinn(3) .

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