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INN Man Pages: File Formats and Conventions

active(5) (also active.times) list of active newsgroups
control.ctl(5) specify handling of Usenet control messages
control-messages overview of control messages (From a Usenet article)
distrib.pats(5) Default values for message Distribution header
expire.ctl(5) control file for Usenet article expiration
history(5) record of current and recently expired usenet articles
hosts.nntp(5) list of NNTP feeders
inn.conf(5) configuration data
innwatch.ctl(5) control Usenet supervision by innwatch
moderators(5) mail addresses for moderated newsgroups
newsfeeds(5) determine propagation of Usenet articles
newslog(5) description of log files
nnrp.access(5) specify access of readers
nntpsend.ctl(5) list of sites to feed via nntpsend
overview.fmt(5) format of news overview databases
passwd.nntp(5) passwords for authorizing NNTP connections

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