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INN Man Pages: Commands

See Also:Section 8 INN Man Pages: Maintenance (news.daily, feeders, etc)

convdate(1) convert dates to/from time_t and canonical forms
getlist(1) get various lists from NNTP server
grephistory(1) search history database for msg-ID, map Msg-ID to various fields.
inews(1) Prepare article for distribution
innconfval(1) get an InterNetNews configuration value
installit(1) file/directory installation tool
nntpget(1) get Usenet articles from a remote NNTP server
rnews(1) receive news (from a connection other than NNTP)
shlock(1) create lock files for use in shell scripts
shrinkfile(1) truncate a file to a specified size at line boundaries
subst(1) substitute definitions into files

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