The symbol librock_DM_3MSRC has the following meaning(s) in the Librock License Awareness System

If you distribute modifications, you must make the sources available to a specific party, such as the original developer

Compatibility/Conflicts based on this symbol

WARNING: It is folly to assume that a simple program like this can do anything more than find and report some of the biggest problems, while leaving others undetected. This system does not match the educated human intelligence required to interpret and apply licenses. On the other hand, it can be useful to identify some license clauses which deserve extra scrutiny.

This symbol has no recorded conflicts with the Open Source Initiative's Open Source Definition.

Free Software Foundation's definition of Free software: CONFLICT
The FSF explanation of Free software (against particular notification/privacy)

GPL: CONFLICT. Based on this symbol, the license is not GPL-compatible. You may not distribute derivative works covered by the GPL and this license.
GNU General Public License Version 2, June 1991 (6)

Closed-Source: CONFLICT. Based on this symbol, the license is not closed-source compatible. You may not distribute closed-source derivative works covered in whole or part by such a license.
LIDESC closed-source compatibility test (1)

Example Licenses

Some licenses with the symbol in their TAGS string, (with section identifier or notes) are:

The Q Public License Version 1.0 (6c)
Sun Solaris Source Code (FR) Version 1.1 December 4, 2000 (IV.A+IV.F Only through the Technology Site.  IV.D.1 applies for some deriv works.)