Mib Software uses the httpsync distribution method to distribute libmib mature to subscribers over the Internet. (The software from the open-source libmibx tree can be obtained using the URLs given on the documentation pages.)

What is httpsync? How does it save bandwidth?
httpsync is a small C program to compile and run on the destination machine. It takes an argument which is a URL referencing a list on the HTTP server. Based on the list and the status of local files, only those files needed for synchronization are transferred.

The advantages of httpsync as compared to FTP, .tar, CVS, and other methods are discussed at

The libmib software is divided into subsets, according to what header file function declarations appear. A separate httpsync command is used to obtain the packing list for each subset.
Subscribers can choose to obtain only those subsets appropriate.

A sequence of httpsync commands is kept in a shell script, called This determines the sets to which you subscribe. (Windows/DOS users can use a .BAT file.)

To obtain Libmib software
1. Decide where you will keep the libmib source tree. Always run httpsync from that directory. Normally, this directory is also specified as the include directory.

2. Obtain and compile the httpsync client. (The httpsync source is just a single 45K byte file.) Follow the instructions on "Downloading and Installation" page from:

3. Edit (or create) a shell script file called (or synclibmib.bat on Windows/DOS) to add the appropriate httpsync command line(s). httpsync command lines are listed on the libmib documentation pages. For example:
httpsync @
See the list of Currently Available libmib Sets

4. Run the script whenever you wish to obtain or synchronize the source files and directories you list there.

5. Very important point to remember: httpsync overwrites local changes. If you want to make local modifications, then keep a separate copy of the tree. libmib source files are distributed read-only as reminder of this feature.

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