Per-Site Searchable Indexing

Mib Software provides full-site, full-text search technology and services

Sites like BizProWeb use our services, and you can add a full-text search capability to your site, too.

Forget about using slow "grep" scripts.

"Search all the files while you wait" works well if you have 20 pages. But how long do you have to wait if your site is 50 pages, or 500? Creating an index is the only way to guarantee no-delay query results.

Forget using a mega-search engine to locate documents on your site.

(Maybe YOU can use the search engine for that, but shouldn't the visitors to your site have something better?)

No Software to Purchase or Install

With the Mib Software per-site indexing service, there is no software to run or install on your server.

Low Basic Rates: Only $100/month! (Account setup: $250.00)

This rate for sites up to 1000 pages, not more than 15Mbytes total with weekly re-index. Add just $100/month for daily reindex. Contact us to discuss larger sites, handling high search request volume, custom search features, or special needs. This software could be licensed to run on your servers, too!

Mib Software also provides site organization and layout consulting services. Is your site organized for "Rapid Knowledge Transfer?"

Contact person: Forrest J. Cavalier III
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Mib Software
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