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HTTPsync Error Checking

Most errors of HTTPsync are self explanatory. Any error message beginning with "Terminated" means that the program detected a problem and exited before it completed all transfers. Resolve the problem and start again.

If you wish to automate HTTPsync, or wrap with a GUI, see the operation when given the '-a' flag. This changes the format of error and status messages.

Terminated: Could not open <host>:<port>
If the host name could not be converted to an address, or the host did not accept or
respond to the connection request, the program terminates.

Terminated: Could not open list '<name>"
The list specified could not be opened. Did you remember to prefix the URL with '@'?

Terminated: Packing list requires newer version of httpsync.
The packing list may specify a version number. This mechanism allows for future enhancements.

Terminated: Packing list syntax. ".." in file name
Terminated: Packing list syntax. Line starts with space
Terminated: Packing list syntax. Unrecognized line.
Terminated: Packing list syntax. File status information missing
Each path name in the packing list is checked to ensure that it begins with '.' and it includes no '..' sequence. This is to protect against "malicious" packing lists which attempt to access parent directories, or absolute path names.

Other syntax errors in the packing list cause program termination with error message. The file status information must follow the file name so that a decision can be made to transfer the file. It is an error if any part is missing or not in the proper syntax.

Terminated: Request URI too large.
URI's which are larger than about 8000 characters (either on command line or in the packing list) cause program termination.

Terminated. Error while reading HTTP body
A transmission error occurred when reading the HTTP response. It will try at least 2 times before reporting this error and terminating.

Terminated: Could not write socket
A transmission error occurred when sending the HTTP request. It will try at least 2 times before reporting this error and terminating.

Could not open <filename> for writing
If permissions or other condition cause a failure in opening a local file for writing, this error is reported. Operation continues.

Terminated: Could not realloc <N>
The memory usage of HTTPsync is generally very small. The packing list must be kept in memory. If this is not possible, the program terminates.

Terminated: unknown option '<C>'
The only options accepted are 'P' and 'm' ("m" is used for creating packing lists.)

Terminated: URL syntax. No URI specified
Terminated: URL syntax
The URL must appear in the command line starting with "@http://" (or "@https://" if compiled with SSL support.)

Terminated: can't save <filename> (Missing redirect?)
If the URL does not specify a valid filename in the part after the last '/' (e.g. the URL accesses a cgi-bin with other fields), then a 'R' should appear in the packing list.

Terminated. can't get packing list
The http server returned an error code when the URL was requested. Check that the URL was given correctly. Contact the maintainer of the server to create a packing list/URL.

Terminated: Usage error -m needs an argument starting with '@'

Terminated. Response headers exceed 8192
There is no reason that HTTP headers should be more than 8192 bytes long.

Terminated. Internal error. No destination
This is a debugging assertion, it should not be seen. Report this error to the HTTPsync author.

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