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Some Implications of Bazaar Size

Third Draft. Aug 11, 1998
Copyright 1997-1998, Forrest J. Cavalier, III Mib Software
All rights reserved. Comments welcome!

3. Alternate Debugging methods

There are alternative debugging methods which might be used to counter a small "effective working size."

I outline extending two established defect detection and removal methods to the bazaar style model. This permits adapting the bazaar model to a small set of developers (even in-house corporate and contract programmers) or to help ensure software quality before release to customers.

That these do not advocate a single "gateway" person or small group to perform the activities, not even the project leader. This maintains the "bazaar" aspect of the development as much as possible.

[My thoughts on the required activities are still being formed and detailed. I only present an outline here. - Forrest, 10/08/97]

Bazaar style code review

Bazaar style unit testing

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