RKT Couplings breathe new life into stale INN FAQ pages

March 31, 1998:

The INN FAQ has been around as long as INN, and covers hundreds of useful, important subjects. But it hasn't really changed much since INN 1.5.1 came out in December 1996. Many entries were written for INN 1.4 or earlier, and don't really apply to the current version of INN. Some answers describe INN in terms of C news, an INN predecessor. At this writing there haven't been any FAQ changes or posting to by the new FAQ maintainers since December 1997.

Old style FAQ pages in the RKT (April 1997)

The "RKT Couplings" concept lets Mib Software break the inertia to add changes, corrections, and comments to externally authored pages, including the INN FAQ. Convenient hyperlinks found under "Inbound and Outbound Transfer" headings provide easy access to related and overview pages. (Just remember to scroll down to the bottom of the page to get to the RKT Couplings!)

RKT enhanced FAQ pages (April 1998)

Like the "INN FAQ by topic" organization (which debuted as part of the initial Usenet RKT in 1997), RKT Couplings will further add to the value of the INN FAQ.

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